Meet Benjamin Levy, a seasoned music industry professional with a remarkable career spanning over 25 years. As the founder of BL Music, a renowned international booking agency established in 2007, Benjamin has cultivated extensive expertise internationally in various aspects of the industry.

Throughout his journey, he has excelled as a promoter, booking agent, manager, producer, tour manager, educator, and artistic director of festivals.

Benjamin’s passion for jazz and funk has allowed him to collaborate with globally acclaimed artists such as James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Magma, Archie Shepp, Roy Ayers, Billy Cobham, Azymuth, and Fred Wesley. His deep understanding of the music business was shaped by his early experiences at prestigious events like the Nice Jazz Festival and the JVC Jazz Festival in Paris.

In addition to his impressive achievements, Benjamin Levy has successfully built the Paris New York Heritage Festival, a multi-festival network spanning six countries over seven years. This series of events showcases Benjamin’s expertise in the international music scene and highlights his ability to curate captivating experiences that transcend cultural boundaries.

Furthermore, Benjamin has dedicated a decade to running the first booking academy in France, training and mentoring over 100 aspiring bookers who have since found employment with esteemed companies. He has also imparted his industry knowledge to students at respected institutions like Science Po, EAC, ISCPA, ATLA, and others.

With his wealth of experience, notable accomplishments, and the establishment of the Paris New York Heritage Festival, Benjamin Levy stands as an exceptional music business mentor. His deep insights into the industry and commitment to empowering professionals make him an invaluable resource for individuals seeking guidance and success in the live music industry.


What did you teach and help with?

  • Acquire a strategic vision of live show distribution
  • Prospect and negotiate contracts with programmers
  • Promote shows
  • Organize and manage tours

Other tasks that may be associated with this position :

  • Seeking co-productions or pre-purchases
  • Seeking and organizing creative residencies
  • Seeking professional or private funding

Do you do 1-on-1 coaching for individuals at a company?

Yes! We done that many times. We contact the booker, or the director of the company, and setup a series of training sessions, usually 5 to 10 half day sessions.

Where have your pupils been hired to work?

Most of the bookers we have trained for 10 years, 100+ of them, are now very big bookers or in the music industry!

For example, they are involved in the following companies :

Aby production, Accent presse, Accords croisés, ADL PRODUCTIONS, Association Citizen Corps, Association Woodstower, AZN
Bonsai Booking, Bubble prod, Calt production, Caramba Spectacles, Cent quatre, Chapelle des lombart, Chez Ace, Cie du Bois de Midi, Colligence records, Combo 95, Coté Cours, Disney land Paris, Enzo Production, Ethik event, Event team group, Eyes wide Production, Festival ravel, Ginger sounds, Hellico, Ideal Rigths, Kwet Productions, La Bellevilloise, La gaité lyrique
Mersh and com, Music for ever, S2R Star Brand, Service culturel de la mairie de brunoy, service culturel Ville de La Tranche sur mer, Ten to one record, Theatre de l’agora – Evry, Trooba’Tour, Unisson productions, Veryshow, Wspectacle.


Perfectly organized music festival: beautiful location, a wide range of artists & good times!

Linda Black, Australia

The best festival experience I’ve ever had! Relaxing, great music and an amazing happy atmosphere!

Daymon Welsh, UK

The best music festival EVER! My friends and I will definitely be back next year!

Jessica Gilmor, UK